5 main uses of eucalyptus trees

You probably know the eucalyptus tree by its recognizable scent and therapeutic aroma. However, many people don’t realize that eucalyptus trees can be very versatile when it comes to their use. For reforestation of Paraguay, TreeCoin is planting eucalyptus trees. We get many questions about what uses a eucalyptus tree has. In fact, eucalyptus is such a multiuse tree that there are many applications for it – in all the different areas. The following are 5 main uses of eucalyptus trees:

1. Using eucalyptus for wood

Here you can see the growth of the eucalyptus wood after one, two, and three years.

TreeCoin plants special eucalyptus hybrids that are great for timber. Eucalyptus heartwood has a distinct reddish to brown color. As the wood gets older, the color darkens. Because the tree is resistant to termites, a cut piece of its wood stays the same for a long time. Some say eucalyptus wood can even stay in wet environments for 10 years without any decay.

Eucalyptus sapwood is pale cream. Its grain has a nice pattern that not many other trees have. It’s a little bit interlocked, with sometimes ripply patterns. This makes it desirable for carpentry and creation of furniture. In general, the advantage of eucalyptus wood is that it is very easy to sand, polish, and saw, and it takes paint well.

Due to these characteristics, this tree is one of the most desirable ones for all types of construction. People use it for heavy, utilitarian, or light construction. It is used for the production of things such as floorings, bowls, and furniture. For instance, some of IKEA furniture collections regularly feature pieces made with eucalyptus wood. Apart from its high-quality wood, one of the best-known uses of eucalyptus trees are due to the multiple beneficial properties of their oil. Even though TreeCoin’s eucalyptus hybrids do not produce any oils and can’t be used for their extraction, this is still one of the properties of many other eucalyptus varieties that are widely used.

2. Medical use of eucalyptus oil

Probably the best well-known use of eucalyptus oil is to restore humans’ health. For example, it was discovered that eucalyptus oil can treat diabetes. Other documented eucalyptus benefits include:

  • Healing of the respiratory system: Medicines containing eucalyptus extract are the most effective when it comes to sore throats, asthma, coughs, and colds. To relieve congestion it is advised for a eucalyptus ointment to be rubbed on the chest and back. Additionally, if the congestion is persistent, then try boiling leaves in a tightly covered pot. Inhalation of the resulting steam is the most effective remedy for the nose.
  • Healing cuts, insect bites, and burns: As an antiseptic, eucalyptus oil can be used topically to reduce the risk of infection and induce the healing.
  • Remedy for muscle and joint pain: As known to reduce pain and relax muscles, eucalyptus ointments can be applied to the painful spot for a quick relief.

3. Aromatic properties of eucalyptus

The pleasant smell of the eucalyptus tree makes this species useful for the purposes of aromatherapy. Thus, it is no surprise that eucalyptus oil is often used as a stress and fatigue remedy. It can relax and stimulate a better feeling overall. That is why eucalyptus oil has long become a staple in SPAs and massage salons. The distinct scent can also be used during meditations and on pillows, as it helps reach deep relaxation and peace of mind. Moreover, eucalyptus leaves can also be used in herbal teas to comfort, make calm and even prevent seasonal colds.

4. Uses of eucalyptus in household

Apart from the medicinal and well-being uses of eucalyptus trees, people found a way to make use of it in the household products like soap and cleansers – all thanks to its antibacterial properties and refreshing aroma. Spot and stain removers often contain eucalyptus extracts, claiming to remove even the toughest stains, i.e. gum and ink. Moreover, adding one teaspoon of oil when washing laundry can clean and refresh it better. And the nice smell of fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves makes them a great air freshener.

One more household use for eucalyptus is to make your own garden spray. Not only will it ensure your plants are pest-free and well-protected, but also guarantee that your garden remains eco-friendly.

5. Using eucalyptus for the benefit of our planet

Eucalyptus is truly a wonder tree that helps in restoration of health in humans as well as the planet. At TreeCoin we are putting the tree’s benefits to use by planting it where it is most needed. Due to heavy deforestation in the Paraguayan area, many lands lack greenery. Animals, as well as people, suffer in many different ways. Thus, through afforestation with eucalyptus trees and bringing back the forests of Paraguay, we can reduce the global warming issues. For instance, it will help animals find natural shelter, and enable people to reap the health benefits of the eucalyptus plant.

Eucalyptus trees are known for their need for water, which is why Paraguay is the best option to plant them in. Beneath the surface of Paraguay as well as Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay lay the Guarani Aquifer. It is the second largest known aquifer system (underground water reservoir) in the world and can supply water to the world for 200 years – perfect for growing water-loving eucalyptus trees. Because of the Guarani Aquifer, the TreeCoin team decided to create the eucalyptus hybrid without oil. This is done in order to not ruin the soil and underground water supply. The reasoning behind this is that the oil from the leaves of eucalyptus trees can drip onto and into the ground, through which they then get to the water supply. The water is then contaminated both for plants and wild animals which have their habitats in or around the eucalyptus forest.