Corona Aid – where the essentials are missing, we help

Many families in the area around our plantations in Paraguay are very hard hit by the corona crisis. Not the virus but the lockdown has caused the greatest suffering here. Unlike in Europe, there are no local social systems. Many people are currently lacking the most basic necessities. Our association “Die Angel e.V.” had therefore already launched a large fundraising campaign in March, with which we supported in Villarrica and the surrounding area. As we have committed ourselves with the TreeCoin Project to support social projects, it is very important to us to help the people and the country in these difficult times.

So far we have been able to collect 25.000 € in donations. Thanks to the support of our local employees in and around Villarrica, as well as the local fire brigade and police, we have distributed more than 1500 aid packages weighing between 12 and 15 kg to those in need. In total, about 20 tons of food were distributed.
In addition, about 2500 meals were distributed through soup kitchens. Many thanks to the many donors and benefactors who support the association with small and large donations!
If you would also like to help the people in Paraguay, your donation is very welcome, because we want and need to continue this action for a few more weeks. All funds go 1:1 to the needy. On the page of the association “Die Angel e.V.” you will find more pictures and videos of the action, as well as the donation account.