Our new Blockchain ARDOR as a future-proof basis

We have changed the block chain as the basis for our token. For legal reasons, we needed an audited platform for our security token to be able to list it on an exchange for assets. The change significantly improves our market position and increases the quality of your investment. Also the Genesis process (the generation of all TREE and TreeCoins in one process) will now take place promptly.

Ardor is also an NXT fork with the requirements that are important for us such as PoS (Proof of Stake) and it is an audited block chain.
At the same time, Ardor offers a better technological basis for expanding the TreeCoin project to a larger platform. Well-known companies such as Henkel are also represented on this platform. Jelurida Swiss SA, a pioneer of energy-efficient block chain solutions and fully functional interoperable multi-chain networks, is responsible for the platform. Jelurida has a deep understanding of all aspects of designing and implementing robust block-chain based ecosystems and distributed applications – from network design to feature design and development. They guarantee that the underlying technology will meet all of our requirements, and that further development is guaranteed.