Walk the road with TreeCoin

TreeCoin is a vision. It’s hope for a better future and a goal that must be achieved – for nature, our children and the world. Most importantly, TreeCoin is an ongoing project with multiple future goals and many that have already been achieved. Not sure where TreeCoin will be in a few years? Then this is your article! Get on the road with TreeCoin and look into the future:

Get your TreeCoin hybrid token

After months of development, preparation and networking, the hybrid token offering begins in the second half of 2019. Then it’s time to hurry and get your hybrid token. With every TREE you buy, you’re responsible for a eucalyptus tree that could save natural trees in Paraguay’s forests. At the same time, you will receive 70 TreeCoins that you can use as a payment token. Whether you invest in one or one hundred TREE, you become part of TreeCoin, part of the movement and part of a better future.

Everything is ready to turn green

After the first TreeCoiners receive their TREE and TreeCoins, it’s time to plant. From now on, every imaginary eucalyptus tree behind the TREE will become a real, proud eucalyptus tree on the fields of TreeCoin. To get there, the TreeCoin team will have to prepare some things. This point will take place at the beginning of 2020.

After the first TreeCoiners receive their TREE and TreeCoins, it’s time to plant. Each investment is then converted into a real, proud eucalyptus tree in one of the TreeCoin fields. However, before starting this process, the team has to prepare a few things. In addition to some regulations, the field is prepared for planting. For example, drainage ditches, paths, and fences must be repaired. And last but not least, the houses of the workers must be prepared. This will all take place in early 2020.

The workers in Paraguay are very important to TreeCoin. To properly show them appreciation, the team does its best for the well-being of its employees. Are you interested in knowing more? Stay tuned for some articles about TreeCoin’s local workers.

Grow little plantlet, grow!

In the second quarter of 2020, it will be time to plant the small seedlings. They are transported from the nursery to the huge fields where they can grow into proud and tall trees. To ensure that they can grow without interruptions or complications, the team in Paraguay takes a lot of precaution and control. For example, they perform pest control or quality checks on trees and trenches. In addition, in 2021 they start to delimb selected trees, thereby gaining the first wood for the industry.

Making profit

2024 will be the year to harvest. At this point, the first trees can be felled and used as industrial wood. One year later, in 2025, investors will receive the first profits of their investments in the form of money. Why do we put it that way and emphasize the word money? Because the profit begins with the planting of eucalyptus seedlings. Every eucalyptus tree represents a green future. The profits from the sale of timber are thus the second profits, the considerable profits. The second harvest then will take place in 2028. Another year later, investors earn their second “coinage”. This cycle will be repeated until 2043.

From the beginning, please!

TreeCoin is a project with no planned end. This means that the project is far from complete once the cycle is over. In 2043 the cycle will start all over again. A second cycle has always been planned. Therefore, during the first one, there will be preparations; new fields, new plantlets, and certainly more people who are familiar with TreeCoin, the green blockchain project.

However, this is not enough. TreeCoin’s team wants to make a difference. For that reason, their dream is to get others to do the same. To start projects like TreeCoin and collaborate with them – to continue the TreeCoin project in other countries – and to develop an economy around the TreeCoin token. And to change the world. Simply put, they want you to “reforest the world!”