Why eucalyptus trees?

TreeCoin uses eucalyptus trees to create a sustainably managed forest area in Paraguay. These trees are otherwise known as fast-growing trees. But what are their benefits and why are they called so?

An insight into the eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a diverse type of flowering tree and shrub in the Myrtaceae family. There are more than 700 species of eucalyptus and most are native to Australia. Many species are known as gum trees because they exude a substance that looks like scribbly gum.

Of the 15 species found outside Australia, just 9 are exclusively non-Australian. Species of eucalyptus are cultivated widely in the tropical and temperate world, including Australia, South Africa, Portugal, India, Galicia, the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East, and South America.

Eucalyptus trees are loved because they grow fast; in one year, these trees can grow from 5 to 7 meters! They are thus a fast production of wood. Eucalyptus trees are also loved by animals. To koala bears, for example, they’re a feast.


The benefits of the eucalyptus trees

Some eucalyptus types have attracted attention from global development researchers and environmentalists because of desirable traits such as being fast-growing sources of wood, producing oil, or being used to drain swamps and thereby reduce the risk of malaria. The cultivation and uses of the eucalyptus are therefore many.

In addition to being used for cleaning and as a natural insecticide, eucalyptus oil can be found in fuels, fragrances, and antimicrobial activity. The nectar of some eucalypts even produces high-quality monofloral honey.

The eucalyptus trees created by TreeCoin, however, do not contain oil. Though very useful, the oil is excluded in these hybrid trees mainly because of the soil and underground water. Oil dripping from the leaves of eucalyptus trees can reach underground water, which will contaminate it. Other plants and animals will then not be able to use this fresh water.


Eucalypts in South America

Today, eucalyptus trees are the most widely planted type of tree in plantations around the world. In South America, they are mainly planted in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The eucalyptus trees grow 4 times faster in the subtropical climate of Paraguay compared to Europe. Reasons are the warm climate and the sufficient rain; the roots can build a strong fundament for the tree. The wood of the eucalyptus can easily keep up with exotic noble wood concerning quality, appearance and weather resistance. It is also traded worldwide and is well established as a cheaper alternative with the same characteristics as other tropical woods. Furthermore, the eucalyptus protects native species against strong winds and other conditions.
TreeCoin’s local partners in Paraguay have been experimenting for many years to find the perfect hybrid plant that gives the best result. It was important that the “perfect plant” be solid against diseases, fast growing, easy to handle, and a provider for good quality wood. For this reason, they also created it without oil.